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KorLuv.com represents an expert tool that was exclusively designed to allow single people, particularly Korean singles to interact with other single adults – an opportunity that can lead to future online dates, to potential real dates, love stories, friendships or many other human rapports, depending on every member’s desires. Needless to say, similar to other dating fronts, this dating network is structured in two directions as well: men looking for women and women looking for men. To accentuate the open-minded tone of this Korean dating service, KorLuv.com allows members to use also a bivalent search criterion: Female and Male.

Moreover, another set of features that defines this concept encompasses: high security, reliability, entertainment and flexibility. Consequently, the mission of this dating service is to ensure a free, yet safe environment where meeting new people is not a challenge, but a unique opportunity. To this end, KorLuv.com is committed to deliver modern dating solutions to each and every member that joins this community. Needless to say, by entering this world, members instantly gain the chance to discover new people, persons who share the same interests, passions and hobbies, persons defined by completely different values, persons who possess high physical appeal, individuals who possess sense of humor, individuals who lack sense of humor, optimists, dreamers, party people, career oriented persons, open-minded people, and many other categories, just like in real life. The difference is that, unlike real life, this highly active dating site is intended to bring together people who share the same mission or purpose: meet potential partners.

Nevertheless, romances don’t represent the only aim that determine users to become more than visitors – full time members, but actually the very possibility to find valuable friends and confidents behind these profile pages. Furthermore, if there is a shortcut to consolidating various human relationships, that shortcut can be attained through this type of social platform. So, by accessing KorLuv.com users take the very first step towards dating Korean women, and implicitly towards all the opportunities that define it as one of the most authentic experiences. As soon as the user gets acquainted with this environment, he/she can continue, or better yet, complete the process by creating a member account. This online identity consists of completing nine simple yet essential steps such as: selecting username, password, country, age, gender, e-mail address, birthday, and finally, profile pictures. To activate their accounts, users must send confirmation.

Pictures and personal information enjoy increased privacy, which means that they aren’t exposed to any danger, hacker attacks or threatening factors. Another priority of the team behind this website is directly connected with preserving a safe environment for all KorLuv members. To this end, every profile picture is reviewed personally by one of administrators and usually activated within 24 hours. Likewise, customers who desire to obtain additional information, to submit inquiries or share personal concerns, complaints and recommendations can contact KorLuv representative members. In conclusion, KorLuv.com represents a reliable dating platform that is committed to enrich the statute of single in Korea by providing remarkable experiences and the opportunity to find love or lifetime friendships online.


Korluv.com, the best Korean dating site!

Are you interested in making new friends and perhaps finding a nice Korean boy or girl to date? Then Korluv.com is the best Korean dating website, where people from all over the world can find each other and form new friendships that will last forever!

 Korluv.com is a Korean dating site, offering people the chance to find a Korean date or make new friends from this amazing country. Whether you are interested in dating or simply want a social network where you can meet new people from this country, Korluv.com is the best place where you could go. You do not have to worry about paying a large subscription fee as all the services from this website are free. All you have to do is make an account, either directly on Korluv.com or connect with your Facebook one and you are free to mingle and chat with the other users! Everything on this website is easy to use so you will not have any sort of problems when using it.


A dating site in Korea such as Korluv.com can help many Koreans outside their country find each other and share their common interests. You do not have to be Korean in order to be able to make an account on this website. All you have to do is keep an open mind and have an interest in exchanging cultural information. This website is a great place where people from various cultures can interact with Koreans and make friendships that will last forever! With the help of Korluv.com you can meet new people and make new friends in a safe way, without worrying about any type of harassment. If you do not like a person, there are many options in which you no longer have to talk with him or her.   


If your dream is to find a nice and beautiful Korean girl then you have come to the right place! Korluv.com will make your dream of dating a Korean girl come true. All you have to do is introduce a few details such as age, country and height, and you are bound to find the girl of your dreams. Korluv.com is a new dating site, which is why it is in constant growth. So do not worry if you have not found anybody yet, because chances are you will bump into someone when you least expect it. And if dating is not the only thing on your mind and you just want to socialize and make new friends, Korluv.com offer its members great opportunities of meeting new people and having fun anytime they want.


All in all, when it comes to finding the best Korean social network, an excellent place to start is Korluv.com! You can match yourself by interest, hobby or simply make a new friend. Everything is completely free, so you can rest assured there are no hidden fees. All you have to do is enjoy the time spent on Korluv.com to the fullest by taking advantage of everything it has to offer. You do not have to stay in Korea to be a member of this dating site. Everybody is welcomed to mingle with each other and find out new things about their cultures. With the help of Korluv.com you will never have to worry about not being able to make a Korean friend and enjoy his or her company!


Find Cute Korean singles on korluv.com

Are you in need of companionship? Feeling lonely and looking for a friend to make time pass faster? Well, then it is high time you’ve became a member of korluv.com, the most professional services for dating in Korea. Whether you are a foreigner or  Korean, this website can help you accomplish your goals!


Korluv.com is a trustworthy, dedicated dating in Korea website, which offers people the chance to connect with each other. Born out of the desire to expand the world of online dating and to give it an international feature, korluv.com has quickly gained a high level of popularity. Online dating has grown in an impressive manner and more and more people choose this method to get to know people and connect with them. Contrary to what some might think, online dating is not an impersonal process, if you choose the right website. When it comes meeting cute Korean girls or finding a friend within this culture, then korluv.com is your best choice!


Korluv.com is dedicated to a simple goal, communication. Although this might sound strange, considering that Korean singles might not speak English, nor foreigners Korean, this website is so versatile that whatever your cultural background might be, you can easily communicate with the members. You can play games, organize meetings, share photos, everything you would normally do on any given online dating website. The only difference is that on korluv.com everything is better and faster. Furthermore, this online dating network sets out to help you discover your match and the method through which this happens is simple to understand. Although some dating networks are tempted to organize users according to their passions and hobbies, korluv.com choose the simplest manner of approaching things. This website allows users to get to each other without too much hobby structure and organization and so far, things develop beautifully. People are given more freedom to speak, the variety of discussion topics enlarges and everybody is happy. The list of benefits does not stop here! Korluv.com  is free of charge. Although other online platforms find this statement only a figure of speech, Korluv.com does not charge its users, nor expects entrance fees. This website offers its professional services free of charge to all those Korean singles and not only, looking to find their match or just a friend.


If you are wondering how to date Korean women, how the process actually develops on this website, here is the answer. Becoming a korluv.com member means setting up an account and making your very own profile. Use the photo which advantages you the most and create a small description of yourself. Once this phase is over, korluv.com offers you the possibility to research the user database and see who else has subscribed to this service. When you find that discussion partner you were looking for, it can be said that korluv.com has done its job, as the rest is up to you! The reality is that  looking at how popular online dating actually is and how exciting meeting new people from Korea must be, korluv.com is simply the best website you could possibly visit! Only established last year and located in Seoul, Korea, this website has surprised many people! This online platform has grown remarkably so far and continues to do so. If you are looking for your match, but still haven’t found her or him, then by all means access korluv.com and spread the word! Maybe you are more closer than you would expect.


Find a Korean friend by joining www.KorLuv.com

http://www.KorLuv.com serves as a comprehensive web platform, one that aims at introducing individuals to an ever increasing Korean dating community. The premise that led to the foundation of this Korean social network is the amplified exposure earned by dating websites worldwide in the last decade, but also KorLuv’s initiative to create a completely safe and entertaining dating environment for both Korean females and males. The signature of this online community is represented by its member-centered policy that is intended to deliver various opportunities to both new members and loyal members. The mission of this interactive web dating platform is to simplify standard dating procedures while maximizing potential matches for each and every member. To this end, KorLuv has developed a simple yet highly functional system that allows single persons to get in touch with other singles and find love, romance, friendship or other serious emotional variations. To encourage users to embark to this online dating adventure, this website had incorporated intense security measures, reliable user-friendly interfaces, free of charge services, flexible options and many other relevant aspects. Likewise, the team behind this website is committed to deliver numerous improvements and upgrades in the future so that members reach their personal goals faster.


The western fascination with Korean singles


When it comes to dating we all have our own little fantasies, most of them developed during childhood when our parents read us bedtime’s stories and we all wanted to be the beautiful and innocent princess or the courageous and handsome prince. While reality hurries to burst our bubble, we realize that these characters are rather flat or we simply grow up and we cannot connect with the story of the humble Cinderella anymore. We find animations no longer credible, so we move on to other things to believe into and other characters to idolize. Prince charming receives a concrete name that changes each time another hot actor or innocent actress comes to light, but the story of love seems to repeat the same pattern as we got used to in our early days. This is probably why K-dramas have such a great impact even in the Western world and the actors and actresses are loved almost to death by fans from the other side of the world, because they play the roles we simply love to witness, speak the words we adore to hear and act the way we always dreamt to be treated. The best news is that all these actions are deeply rooted in the Korean culture, which means that Korean singles are less likely to disappoint and might be able to confirm the myth and be what you have always wanted. After the Korean Wave has started to gain even more momentum and K-pop and drama have become internationally popular, making an account on a Korean dating site was a common practice amongst the most avid fans.

As we become adults and gain life and love experience, you would think that we would stop dreaming about chivalrous men appearing out of thin air, falling madly in love with us only to find out later they were not only handsome and perfect, but also rich and of high status. However, things do not work this way in real life and the preference we show for dramas and movies with this fantastical edge to them and a plot that is basically taken out from the classical bed time fairytales is a clear sign that, whatever we do, we will never stop dreaming of being the protagonists of such a life. This phenomenon explains peoples’ passion with Korean love stories and is also a reason why dating sites in Korea have started to flourish. People became interested in getting a Korean lover or friend and discover whether the amazing and desirable things they witnessed in their films are close to reality. How much is fiction and how much is truth is probably the question anyone looking for Korean singles is asking themselves. Most of the times, Korean people do not disappoint, because westerners are more fascinated with their unique approach to love and their wonderful culture than anything else. The role models the protagonists of the movies were made after are none other than normal Koreans, so finding a Korean single with the personality and attitude similar with the ones you see in the movies is not surprising. Moreover, Koreans are also modeled by the stories hey hear and the films they see as they grow up, so a Korean dating site will definitely have someone that will fulfill your fantasy and act the same way your favorite movie character does. Establishing a dating site in Korea is sure to become a success today.


Being single in Korea

Korluv.com, a website to use when searching for a partner

Being single is difficult anywhere you might be. It doesn’t really matter in which country you find yourself, you have the same feeling of emptiness and regret. This enhances during holidays or vacations, so the best thing you could do is give dating a chance. This time, try to it differently. Being  single in Korea may serve as a benefit. If you are a foreigner, you will surely have a lot to learn from this culture and the people in it. If not, then you appreciate traditions and finding Korean women to date is best for you. It is true that communicating in a different language is the hardest thing to do. This is why most people choose to meet their partners through online dating services, more specifically chat rooms. Websites like korluv.com offer foreign users the opportunity to communicate, to have long discussions with Korean women in English, if the mother language is unfamiliar to them. Through long talks, you will surely find a Korean friend and why not, even a long term partner! People need to be part of a couple and this is not only tradition speaking. The human nature asks this of you. The need for constant communication is visible and you can not deny this fact. This is why it is worth all your effort to find that someone with whom you can communicate and discuss all your issues and fears. Korluv.com can help all users interested in obtaining that special relationship with another person, so be sure to access it if you are tired of feeling lonely.


Retirement age in Korea

About retirement age in Korea

In the past, a person was considered to have completed the cycle of an active lifetime at sixty years. Although this is no longer considered to be such an advanced age, mandatory retirement for Korean blue and white collar workers is 58 years of age (up from 55 in the 1990’s).

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