KorLuv News


Hello to you all people!

I am proud and happy to announce you that http://www.KorLuv.com is now OPEN.

You’re very smart so you have already noticed that the site is not crowded with many members because KorLuv.com is just launched and you know it takes time to build population. I am being 100% honest so please kindly bare with this issue 🙂
I will put every effort possible to make you people happy to find Korean girls or Korean guys! If I say this, then I mean it! So it will be crowded soon!!
This site is the ONLY free Korean dating and friend making site out there. Maybe you already know NON-FREE sites with cheesy localization.
For those who do not like free sites and want like VIP service, please continue to read below.
Our site is free, but we do offer premium service called ‘Better Accounts’. This Better Account Speeds up and Enhance your privacy things to makes your wishes goal faster!
!!!For those who will be our glorious first members!!!
*We are now offering you free Better Accounts for 1 month*
Starting from 25/June/2013 ~ ?
We’re not sure when it will end!!! So please be quick.
You will not have any problem using the site after your Better account period expires!!!!!
Become the first member so our community will grow and many Koreans will register and you’ll goal your dreams!
Help us grow so will your dream 🙂
Make a friend or find a date at http://www.KorLuv.com !
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