The western fascination with Korean singles

When it comes to dating we all have our own little fantasies, most of them developed during childhood when our parents read us bedtime’s stories and we all wanted to be the beautiful and innocent princess or the courageous and handsome prince. While reality hurries to burst our bubble, we realize that these characters are rather flat or we simply grow up and we cannot connect with the story of the humble Cinderella anymore. We find animations no longer credible, so we move on to other things to believe into and other characters to idolize. Prince charming receives a concrete name that changes each time another hot actor or innocent actress comes to light, but the story of love seems to repeat the same pattern as we got used to in our early days. This is probably why K-dramas have such a great impact even in the Western world and the actors and actresses are loved almost to death by fans from the other side of the world, because they play the roles we simply love to witness, speak the words we adore to hear and act the way we always dreamt to be treated. The best news is that all these actions are deeply rooted in the Korean culture, which means that Korean singles are less likely to disappoint and might be able to confirm the myth and be what you have always wanted. After the Korean Wave has started to gain even more momentum and K-pop and drama have become internationally popular, making an account on a Korean dating site was a common practice amongst the most avid fans.

As we become adults and gain life and love experience, you would think that we would stop dreaming about chivalrous men appearing out of thin air, falling madly in love with us only to find out later they were not only handsome and perfect, but also rich and of high status. However, things do not work this way in real life and the preference we show for dramas and movies with this fantastical edge to them and a plot that is basically taken out from the classical bed time fairytales is a clear sign that, whatever we do, we will never stop dreaming of being the protagonists of such a life. This phenomenon explains peoples’ passion with Korean love stories and is also a reason why dating sites in Korea have started to flourish. People became interested in getting a Korean lover or friend and discover whether the amazing and desirable things they witnessed in their films are close to reality. How much is fiction and how much is truth is probably the question anyone looking for Korean singles is asking themselves. Most of the times, Korean people do not disappoint, because westerners are more fascinated with their unique approach to love and their wonderful culture than anything else. The role models the protagonists of the movies were made after are none other than normal Koreans, so finding a Korean single with the personality and attitude similar with the ones you see in the movies is not surprising. Moreover, Koreans are also modeled by the stories hey hear and the films they see as they grow up, so a Korean dating site will definitely have someone that will fulfill your fantasy and act the same way your favorite movie character does. Establishing a dating site in Korea is sure to become a success today.


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